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Exchange 2k/5.5 & the internet?

By VanAlex ·
I'm sorry to have to ask such a lame question, but the truth is that I can't find satisfactory help on books about this subject.

I have a small network with non permanent dial up connection. I want to use my own e-mail server to receive/deliver e-mail .... eg.

Setting this e-mail for indoors messaging is no problem, my doubts are about how do I open this company to the internet... I know I have to put some IMS in E5.5 and I know I have to ask some ISP to put some MX dealy in their DNS servers....But that's about it. How about my own DNS servers? How about the exact configuration of the server? It's a basic question but I can't find a clear awnser for this...Maybe because my language is not native english, but ussually I have no problems with that.

So connect e-mail server to net:
1 - DNS? (Mine and ISP's)
2 - Mail connectors?
3 - Etc =)

Thanks in advance.

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Exchange 2k/5.5 & the internet?

by LordInfidel In reply to Exchange 2k/5.5 & the int ...

The first hurlde you have to overcome is your IP address changing. This is not a good thing for mail servers.

They really need a static IP to reliably receive mail.

Reason- When your ISP (or whoever is handling your DNS records) points the MXrecord to your mail server, it needs to point it to a IP address.

Well if that IP address changes everytime you dial up, other mail servers will not be able to send mail to your mail server.

Yes you can host your own DNS servers, but you get into the same issue. How are people going to find you if your DNS server is offline?

DNS Servers are up 24/7/65 with a static IP. Because they are used to find host name address' on the net.

Now you can use one of those dynamic dns services (Ipersonally have never used it or had to use it)

But if you do not have your own domain name aquired yet, then all of the above points are moot.

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