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Exchange 2K and IM

By Benjamin.Arnold ·
I just enabled IM for my users and they couldn't be happier. The install went well and I made sure the the IM was working only for my domain. This way it's work related and I don't have "chatters" hogging all our bandwith to the outside world.

The only problem is this... I'm using the MSN Client on the Exchange 2k CD and now my users want to cahnge all sorts of setting, like the welcome message in the IM window that reminds us not to send credit card info across IM channels. They want it to say something relivent to the job. Also they want a content advisor like in most chat programs and a way to record the IM messages to see what people are writing.

I have seen a signifigent drop in e-mail traffic which is great! We get alot less "what are you doing for lunch" e-mails. But I cannot change all the settings that are being asked for... it's a double edged sword.

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