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    Exchange 2K free busy info disappearing?


    by deway2 ·

    Free busy info is updated throughout the day as user make changes to their calendars. Overnight the free busy info disappears. Two services are running at night Backup Exec backup and Trend Server Protect scheduled scan. Double checked settings on both and even stopped the scheduled scan, still have the problem. Also Exchange 2K does it’s online defrag and optimization in the early morning. I have ran /cleanfreebusy on each machine and reposted all info but it disappears by morning, anyoneexperienced this before?????

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      Exchange 2K free busy info disappearing?

      by cg it ·

      In reply to Exchange 2K free busy info disappearing?

      Have you tried the Windows & .NET magazine forum section for Exchange? They have a Q&A forum soley for E2K and you might find someone there who works with exchange that might have run across this problem.

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