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Exchange 2K Pub Folder Rights problem

By Tiffany2 ·
I am trying to create a Public folder for my Sales Team. I configure the Root "Sales" with owner permissions for the Sales group. Everyone can see and write to the folder but no one can see anybody else's folders. I can manually propagate the rights but it should be automatic. I have an IT public folder set up this way and it works fine.

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by lcampbell In reply to Exchange 2K Pub Folder Ri ...

FIrst thing i'd look into is the permissions inheritance. It should flow down from above as previously set at a higher level.
GOod Luck

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supposed to but doesn't

by Tiffany2 In reply to inheritance

I know it's supposed to but it does not. My IT public folders were set up a long time ago and they work fine. I have also looked at the permissions on the root IT folder compared to the Sales folder and configured them the same but it still doesn't work right. I need to know where, if at all, I can configure inheritance for the Exchange public folders as with normal folders.

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by lcampbell In reply to supposed to but doesn't

On the properties page for the folder in question...Security Tab, choose advanced, uncheck the "allow inheritable permissions" select "copy" in the new window pop up and then REcheck "allow inheritable permissions". This will reset all the permissions to MS default security level (and we all know how lenient that is) The inherited permissions should now flow down like you're expecting them to.
Good Luck

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Exchange system Manager

by R3D In reply to permissions

Are you using the "Propagate Settings" under Exchange System Manager for your folders? I believe that is where you want to go to do this... post if you need help in detail...

Good Luck!!!


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