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Exchange 2k Store not mounting

By atharaaa ·
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Hi Experts,

I have problem with one of my Exchange store which is not mounting. I am using Exchange 2k Enterprise version and I have three mailbox stores. Two stores are working fine and users have no problem accessing their mailboxes. When I try to mount "The store could not be mounted because the active directory information was not updated yet" is displayed.
I had looked into the security of the two mounted stores and the one not mounting and discovered that "Exchange Domain Server" Group has deny permission on the store which is not mounted. Whereas, on the rest of the two it has full control. When I try to remove the deny check mark and click apply thru ESM snap in, it says " Access Denied, Facility = LDAP Provider " My question is how to remove this deny check mark in the security of the store. As per an article of Microsoft, Full control access should be granted to "Exchange Domain Server"

Kindly suggest how to remove the deny check marks and solve this problem so that store gets mounted.

I used the most powerful account in the domain but its still giving the same errors mentioned above. Kindly help.

Thanx in advance.

Best Regards

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by rickrbyrne In reply to Exchange 2k Store not mou ...

On the Account you are using what is it a member of. It should be a member of Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins, Schema Admins, and Local Admin. Also have you ran the eseutil and isinteg util on the store, do defrag it and see if it has any errors.

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by atharaaa In reply to

Hi Rick,

Thanx for the time you have taken to help me.The account I am using is a member of all the above mentioned group and its member of exchange domain servers also. I had not ran the isinteg and esutil till now coz its more or less a problem related to permissions concerning to this store. The rest of the two stores are working fine. I am able to create new store and mount/dismount the store with the same account i am referring above.
The problem started once my server hang and tried restarting it. After restarting, this particular store is not mounting.

Your further assistance is awaited.


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by atharaaa In reply to Exchange 2k Store not mou ...

Hi Rick,

I shall be thankful if you can provide me ur mailing address if you dont mind or send me a mail on This will enable me to communicate with you directly. 570 Mailboxes are residing in this store. Its critical and badly need help.

I shall be online on Yahoo messenger with id :-

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