Exchange 2k3 multiple domains forward to users depending sent to domain

By Acer1986 ·
I have an exchange server all up and running with about 8 different domains, with no problems. This exchange server is to replace our old FTGate server.
My question:
On the existing FtGate server we have rules set up to forward incoming sales emails to specific users depending on which domain the sales@xxx.xx email was sent to. for example is forwarded to user1, is forwarded to user2,... and so on. The current setup works perfect, but I have not found a similar rule or anything else which will enable me to do the same thing with Exchange 2003. Personally I would just create aliases in exchange, but the problem is all emails are being sent to sales@xx.xx. all domains are added to the recipient policy on my exchange server.
Is this a possible scenario or do I need to do something else.

Thanks for all your help

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clear the update based on recipient policy checkbox

by Churdoo In reply to Exchange 2k3 multiple dom ...

My first thought was set the rules in Outlook, but I don't think the Outlook rules will work if all of the domains are in the same recipient policy, so I would do the following:

In your original Sales@ user properties, UNCHECK on the email addresses tab, "Automatically update e-mail addresses based on recipient policy" and manually modify the email addresses, i.e. REMOVE the through Go to Exchange General / Delivery Options and Forward to the first sales dude.

Create 7 more users, and after the email addresses load initially, UNCHECK the same box re: updating based on recipient policy, manually modify the email addy's for, delete inapplicable addy's, and forward to the appropriate sales dude.

In the Exchange General tab, make sure the Alias is different for each user.

This may take some time (hours perhaps) for exchange to figure out what you're trying to do here and start working as you expect.

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