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Exchange 5.5

By aarontmiller ·
I have just been given the task of building an exchange server 5.5. Is there any good step by step instructions on how to do this?

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Exchange Step-by-step

by JasonC In reply to Exchange 5.5

If it's just a single Exchange Server you're building, you shouldn't have that much to worry about! If you think you'll be using various connectors to link it to other Exchange Servers, it get's more interesting. Presumably the one you've got to build needs to talk to the Internet in some way? If so, you'll need to put in an SMTP Connector if nothing else.

In my experience, the books seem to focus on linking Exchange servers together, rather than the "how to build a server" phase.

Doesyour organisation have a "Standard" Server build? If not, I'd suggest something like this:

A standard 2-4Gb C: for OS,
4Gb for Exchange Apps,
and Whatever left on E: for the Mailbox and Public Folder data.

I like to "have a go" using abasic model, but be prepared to trash the box and start again, before you switch it "Live".

Of course, this should all be RAID-5'ed in an ideal world.

Exchange 5.5 SP 3 seems to be the most common service level at the moment. Has anyone used SP4 for long? I'd be interested to hear any feedback.

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