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By kjrees ·
Is there any method, without 3rd party software, to log the delivery of messages into a users mailbox?

We've had a few instances where someone has said that they have sent emails, but it does not look like it's arrived, so for a given date, i'd like to view all delivered mail.

Is this possible?

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I just got a reply to this one.

by we In reply to Exchange 5.5 Audit/Loggin ...

I'm also an Exchange Server 5.5 sufferer with email problems. A guy at Demon (Thus) told me earlier today that Mercury offer a free download of logging software that can be set up on a PC to sit "in front of" the Exchange server and has better logging and reporting tools than Exchange 5.5 and all subsequent versions. There are also software products on 30 day free trail that can be used in the same way and include some user guides. I had a quick look at Mercury and it looks to me like it's a programmer's debugging tool. Our problem is that we discoved that some inbound emails from our hosted third party content management website (new business enquiries) were not seen in the recipient's Outlook. Using Exchange logging we discovered these were all being classed as duplicate messages and not being assigned a message ID. Unfortunately, Exchange offers no further assistance or tools to understand why, so we are in the dark. Mercury was the favoured advice from the Demon guy. I've submitted a question about this one online here.

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by kjrees In reply to I just got a reply to thi ...

Hi, thanks for the reply..i did a bit of reading and have enabled tracking. We just wanted to prove whether a mail have been sent on a particular day. Having only just enabled tracking, I'll see how it goes. Hopefully we haven't got the same issue as you have, but if the logs show this and i figure out why, i'll post back.

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tracking on v5.5......................................

by we In reply to tracking

Good luck. The tracking facilities will tell you if an email has successfully been delivered and where to.

It's when an email has been rejected and discarded that the fun starts because their s/w is poor at helping you work out what happened and how to prevent a re-occurance.

In our case, these rejected emails were valid and as I think I have subsequently found, their non-appearance is not because they were "duplicate messages" as reported by Exchange. I discovered that if the time gap between submitted emails for the same destination adress or public folder is less than three minutes, our exchange server 5.5 rejects them. Our outsourced IT people are talking to Microsoft about it right now.

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