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Exchange 5.5 & Outlook 97 Profile probs

By david.hendry ·
We as a company are about to roll out exchange server 5.5 on NT4 servers and outlook 97 as the client on NT4 workstations to some 5000+ users. Now as you can imagine to do this with everyone having a roaming profile and manually setting up and configuring these is of somewhat a large headache. Does anyone know of any utillity that would take the users logon name i.e. their NT4 logon account and then point them to their mailbox when running outlook, instead of manually configuring each users outlook settings to point the exchange server then the mailbox etc etc.

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Exchange 5.5 & Outlook 97 Profile probs

by Gabacious In reply to Exchange 5.5 & Outlook 97 ...

With OL2k, you can automate the profile generation if you package the install of Outlook with the custom installation wizard.

I'm not sure if there is a similar utility for packaging OL97, but you can automate profile generation with MS' Newprof.exe utility. Newprof.exe is part of the Office2k Resource Kit.

The gist of newprof is that you create a standardized default profile file, then customize the section for the relevant service as:

Conversion Prohibited=True
HomeServer=[any exchange server in the domain].

Once the .prf file is customized, you run newprof -p [name and location of .prf file you created].

Two additional notes: if you have multiple domains, you'll have to have a different .prf file foreach domaine, and only run newprof once per user account, if you run it twice it blows the profile away the second time and you will have to manually recreate it.

Hope this helps.

PS -- Why are you going to OL97 rather than 2000 or XP?

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