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Exchange 5.5 problem...

By mdbrewer ·
Recently, our exchange 5.5 server crashed and had to be formated and reinstalled. Luckily the hd was partitioned so that c was the exchange program and d was the user data. Since i'm fairly new to exchange/outlook, i've got a problem. During theexchange install, the software would not reinstall back to the data directory on d.
The data directory had to be renamed and a new one created. Well, obviously now, all of the users contacts and other saved data is missing and i need to figure out a way to import the old inbox data into the new inboxes.Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Exchange 5.5 problem...

by VinnyD In reply to Exchange 5.5 problem...

First! Backup the Exchange database that you have on the D drive!

Now run the Exchange Optimizer. It will let you move the exchange database to the drive you want it on.

Then you can restore the "REAL" Exchange database back to the original location on the D drive.

But this may just cause another problem.

When you installed Exchange you had to put in organization and site names. Those names must match the database or Exchange will not start.

See Microsoft tech article Q155509

Also the Exchange install must have all the same service packs and hot fixes that were install before the crash! Or Exchange will not start.

I had this problem at one customer. We had to load one by one the Exchange Service packs until exchanged worked. We even had to install one of the hot fixes.

Thats because the IT person at the company did not keep records of what service packs that he had install! So we had to work our way thru one problem after another until we got the system to work.

All all because the new IT guy was not making sure that proper Backups were being done!

Worked good for me! I get to bill them by the hour.

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Exchange 5.5 problem...

by mdbrewer In reply to Exchange 5.5 problem...

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Exchange 5.5 problem...

by mdbrewer In reply to Exchange 5.5 problem...

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