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Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 upgrade

By tayoajayi ·
1) I would like to know how to upgrade my exchange 5.5 server running win nt4.0 to exchange 2000

2) How do i autogenerate user ids in windows 2000 server

3)In exchange 2000, how do i define e-mail address values by using variables so that the e-mail address would be different from the user id, i.e i want to achieve a different alias. What i want is the first letter of the first name+the last name. I can use the variable %g.%s@domainname, but that gives me firstname.lastname. Which variable can i use to achieve what i want

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by johnj In reply to Exchange 5.5 to Exchange ...

I can answer the first question, since I went through the process last summer. You need to seek other help for your other questions. There is probably a script for both. As for 3, why do you want the e-mail address to be different from the userid?
Now, regarding upgrading 5.5 to 2K, make sure you have a good backup of your users' mailboxes. The foolproof way to ensure this is to use exmerge to export their mailboxes to .pst files, then import those .pst files using exmerge to their new mailboxes. You want to do this, believe me.
Microsoft recommends adding a server to your Win2K domain and installing Exchange 2000 Server on it, rather than installing E2K on top of 5.5. (Exchange 2000 needs to run on W2K server anyway.) This route is the one we took, and it worked pretty well. This method minimizes interruptions in e-mail services.
If you have to use the same server as the one you have now, you will need to upgrade from NT4 to W2K server first, then install Exchange 2000. Make sure your 5.5 server has plenty of RAM and hard drive space, and make sure your users understand their e-mail will be down during the upgrade. This process can take hours, so a late night or weekend install is adviseable.
Check the documentation on Microsoft's tech pages. It is clear and very helpful. Do your homework first, and the upgrade should be smooth.
And back up those mailboxes!

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