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Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003

By btibbetts ·
I now have exchange 5.5 running on NT 4.0 It's runs fine no problem. Eventually I want to upgrade to 2003. Can this be done with out a lot of down time. Do you think its an easy upgrade or I'm I going to get slammed with issues. Or is it even worth upgrading or should I just stay where I am.

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You will have to upgrade your OS

by Malcolm R In reply to Exchange 5.5 to Exchange ...

Exchange 2003 won't run on Windows NT4.0. It requires Windows 2000 or, preferably, Windows 2003. Upgrading to Windows 2003 may be easy, or it may be hard. It depends on your environment.


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Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 part 2

by btibbetts In reply to You will have to upgrade ...

I knew that I had to upgrade the OS I guess I was wondering how hard it would be. Can I just upgrade the OS on the exchange server with out screwing up exchange. And once I upgrade the OS how hard is it to upgrade to exchange 2003 from 5.5 exchange. Further more we dont use Microsft for DNS we use Linux shouldn't this be easier ?

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by Chris.. In reply to Exchange 5.5 to Exchange ...

1. 2003 and 2000 need active directory to function correctly!
2. As long as your Linux is running a Bind 8+ compliant version you're fine. The core issue is automatic updating of DNS via client or DHCP registration
3. The 5.5 to 2003 migration is better than the 5.5 to 2000
4. Bring up the exchange server on another box, use the ADC (active directory connector) to move the mail boxes and off you go

Yes there are complications that could arise from your migration, but without further information (and a support agreement:> ) I can't give you much more.

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