Exchange after server crash

By 2support ·
We recently suffered an OS crash (Win 03 SB Server). It appears no data has been lost, but we are having a very difficult time resolving the exhange server. We were not aware of the Outlook '03/Exhange '03 recovery capability so we attempted to resolve 87 users in the Exchange 2000 fashion.(export current mail, attach to new exchange server, import mail)
We currently get an error message when we attempt to get into exchange manager that points us to a MS Knowledge base article about having Outlook and Exchange on the same machine.(Q26641 Outlook is not installed on this machine, never has been (as far as I know). Exchange appears to be behaving less than normal, it almost apprears as if there are two instances of exchange. (my impression). Our Net Admin has bailed on us and says he is "too busy" to come resolve this. (Don't worry he is fired) This leaves us alone with this issue. Any help is appreciated since I find no resolution in the MS Knowledge Base.

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Error messages

by curlergirl In reply to Exchange after server cra ...

Does your server have all current service packs installed? There is an SBS2003 SP1, but there is also Exchange 2003 SP1. Both of these should be installed.

Could you post any and all error messages that you are seeing in your server Application log related to Exchange? If you're not familiar with the event log, on the server go to the Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Event Viewer. Open the Application log and look for events related to MSExchange* (in the "Source" column; most sources will have something after the "MSExchange" part). You may see informational or warning messages, but look for the error messages specifically (the ones with the big red "X" icon). Please post the Event ID, Source and text of the message. Also, please post the exact error message that you're seeing when you try to open the ESM. Does the ESM open at all, or do you get an error message and then nothing?

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Error messages

by 2support In reply to Error messages

The error message read 'Exhange has detected that "C://windows/system32/mapi32.dll" is no teh the correct version to run exchange system manager or exchange 2003. This may cause errors in exchange, system manager or both. For more information see Miscrosoft knowledge Base article Q266418..."
The article states that Outlook and Exchange cannot exist on the same machine - the problem here is that Outlook has never been on this server since the crash. And I am personally sure of that.
Now the ESM seems to function OK after I clear the message.
The Admin actually came in today to check it all out finally and just blew past the message, stating that "It's (outlook)been on here at some point" and did not address it further.

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I hope s/he's still fired

by curlergirl In reply to Error messages

I would not accept that answer. It may be perfectly true, but it's sloppy and I would still want it fixed. I have had Outlook and Exchange installed on the same server many times without experiencing this issue. What I would suggest is that you apply, or re-apply if it is already (supposedly) installed, Service Pack 2 for Exchange. This service pack contains a new version of the mapi32.dll, so it may very well solve the problem.

Hope this helps!

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That does help

by 2support In reply to I hope s/he's still fired

Actually that does help... more than you may know.
The research that I've done seems to have lead me to a similiar conclusion, although I thought it was SP1 that had the new Mapi32. I have downloaded both exchange SP's and am applying them as soon as possible. (Rebooting the server is kinda frightening around here, but I have no choice)
Thanks for your inmput so far, and I'll post when the SP's are applied.

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Save some time -

by curlergirl In reply to That does help

You don't need SP1 if you are going to apply SP2 - they are cumulative, so you can just skip right to SP2 without going through the trouble of running SP1.

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You are right!

by 2support In reply to Save some time -

CurlerGirl, thank you!
I applied the SP2 update Friday evening after COB. Exchange popped right backup, no error messages at all.
I will be observing the exchange server this week to monitor performance, etc. to see if the problems reoccur or are actually gone, but so far today no issues. <crossing fingers>
Thank You again!!

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by curlergirl In reply to You are right!

:-) Glad to be of help!

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