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By rapidtek ·
What started off to be just a normal day turned into a weekend of madness. I was informed of the possibility that our email system may not be working (no daily spam). I investigated the claim by tracking messages. All the messages were being submitted to categorizer or badmail and (NDR) messages generated. I checked event log and a ton of 2104, 2102, 8250, etc (Msexchangedsaccess, MsexchangeAL, MAD.EXE, INETINFO.EXE, STORE.EXE) in my event log. I've read every possible solution available (technet, newsgroups, etc) and applied/considered any relevant suggestions. Everything pointed to DS related problems. I tried to delete/recreate the DNS server (directory enabled/update allowed) , but I keep getting NETLOGON events. I haven't been able to find any solves on these particular events ?Registration of the DNS record ' 600 IN a Failed with the following error; DNS server unable to interpret format. (total of 8 ? 10 errors)

What puzzles me is thateverything else still works, but mail will not route internally or externally. I have backups but to put a stake through the heart the directory restore function requires the password to the local account. The password is unknown. There doesn't seem to be a way to change it while it is still a domain controller. So I'm stuck with trying to resolve the problem.

Ps ? I?ve applied all the services packs
Windows 2000 server
Exchange 2000 server

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5 disks...

by ghstinshll In reply to Exchange and Directory -C ...

Unfortunately I'm not experienced enough of an exchange admin to help with the traffic and message handling, but as far as your local account goes, I know there are a set of 5 boot disks that are basically a cracked boot disk set for 2k/NT, and it allows you to crack any local account on the machine... Are you an admin to the machine at least to be able to change the password to that account without doing anything extreme?

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