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Exchange server circular logging in enabled. The logs date back as far as 2005. A back-up of the system has been done, would it cause a problem if I delete all logs more than a month old?

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Circular logging

by Churdoo In reply to Exchange - circular loggi ...

Your description is a little conflicting because circular logging only keeps 4 logfiles, and therefore, you would not have anything more than the 4 active logfiles. If you're sure that you're set to circular logging, then the rest of the logfiles must be leftover from a time when you weren't using circular logging. You can compare the file dates to be sure.

So to answer your question, you won't hurt your system by deleting old logfiles, but (of course there's a "but"), you need to be sure of your backups.

Circular logging is not a disaster recovery friendly technique. Since it only uses 4 logfiles, then once you've started the 5th logfile without a backup, you stand to lose data if you have to do a D/R.

I suggest you double/triple check your backups, remove stale logfiles, remove circular logging, and keep your backups up, since proper exchange-aware backups automatically flushes old logiles.

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