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Exchange Configuration ?

By d_yawger ·
In setting up our new network, everything is going well except our owners request for our email configuration. Using Exchange 5.5 and Outlook, he would like our email addresses to be:

(noting that several people belong to multiple departments)

He wants everyone in the department level to be able to receive all department emails. His reasoning is that it looks more personal and that it includes the group (accountability). He also believes that the name and department gives our company the outward appearance of size.

I know how to set up 'basic' distribution lists, but in doing so usually just set up:

with each person being assigned to groups.

This is confusing both myself and the outside consultants I'm working with, however I'm sure something similar has been done successfuly.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Try Sub Domains

by roys In reply to Exchange Configuration ?

How about breaking your mail down into subdomains. Such as I have seen this implementation on several sites. Otherwise, I suppose aliases could be used to get the configuration your owners request.

Bottom line is, the morecomplicated things are made, the harder it will be for you to troubleshoot in the future.

Keep it simple is usually my rule of thumb.

Anyway, good luck with it.


Roy Streeter.

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A little confused...

by SBWorks In reply to Exchange Configuration ?

I'm not entirely sure on a couple of things but try this:

You can add mulitlple smtp address for those individuals that are in different deparments in the recipiants. and can route to a single box. It'sa little trickier to get the header to appear correctly on replies and you will need to instruct the end-users how to change thier "from" fields.

Clunky, but it does work. Messy if someone moves departments.

Can you run over the requirements for the department mail? so is routed to everyone in sales? or that is readable by everyone?

If the former, you might want to set up a shared mailbox for the departmental address that everyone in the department can access, rather than distrubting. That way, you can flag messages for particular people to follow up rather than have 18+ people in the department all get copies.

Of course, you might want to talk them out of the name.department thing. Heck, even Boeing (45,000+ e-mail addresses) doesn't do that. They do

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