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    Exchange database problem


    by tobs ·

    I have a problem with mounting the Mailbox Store and Public Folder Store databases. I used the eseutil command:
    eseutil /p /i
    but I get the message:
    Error: Access to resource database
    failed with Jet error -1811. Operation terminated with error -1811 after 0.16 seconds.

    I displayed the databases by going to the MDBDATA directory and confirmed the existence of the ff. databases: priv1.edb, pub1.edb,and pub1.stm

    I tried to do a Restore using NTBackup but the the previous administrator did a corrupted backup and so it did not restore properly. Meaning to say I have no backup of the databases!

    What are my options right now in order to solve this problem?

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      by evkuo ·

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      Well, others may have a better suggestion, but you could try backing up your database files, reinstalling Exchange, making sure it works, and then dropping the files back down. You would need to reconfigure all the connectors and other settings though.

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      by tobs ·

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