Exchange Disconnected over VPN too many MAPI connections

By shady108 ·
hi , am having problems with outlook over a vpn. It works for a while but then shows disconnected. I have found out its because exchange 2003 limits you to 32 mapi connections, and when this user connects ove rthe VPN the connections arent being closed when they log off. This doesnt happen to people who work in the office. Is there a reaosn these connections arent being closed when the VPN session ends? users are connecting over the VPN using a Netgear SSL-312 portal connection. thanks !!

done a bit more investigating, can see its a tcpip problem.... each time the vpn user connect hes assigned a new ip address to connect to the exchange server, but when he disconnects from vpn the exchange server isnt closing the tcpip connection .... is there a way to force this to close the connections?

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I know this is way late....

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Exchange Disconnected ove ...

But, this is a known problem with remote connections, and I believe it is often related to broadcom NICs and has to do with TCP offloading - I'm searching for the solution right now, and I'll post it back here once I find it just so that we have a link to the solution on TR in this thread.

You'll find it happens to OWA connections, VPN users who disconnect the VPN without shutting down Outlook first, and mobile device users. I also see it a lot with Dell users who undock their notebooks.

I'm pretty sure it is just a registry edit, if I remember correctly.

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