Exchange down

By moorezb ·
I'm new to administrating Exchange and I'm quickly learning that i don't like it.

Ok this is what i got.

1. Some users can't connect to Exchange
2. Messages are stacking up in the queue. Some might say "duh" after #1 but those that can connect to exchange cant receive/send email.
3. Under the Administrative Group in the First STorage Group Mailbox Store and Public Folder Store are down.
4. I have seen errors "the connection was dropped by remote host" and "Unable to bind to the destination server in DNS"

I thought it was a DNS resolution thing. But I checked and by zones are good and my records (MX) seem to be fine.

Like I said new to exchange so I'm sure im missing something. Any and all is greatly appreciated.

Found another error. "SMTP could not connect to any DNS server"

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More info please

by jswentworth In reply to Exchange down hard....hel ...

What happened right before this? What do all of the logs report? What DNS server is the exchange server set to use? Can you perform successful nslookups against that server from the exchange server? How is your exchange server configured to route/deliver mail?

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Information Store

by moorezb In reply to More info please

What happened right before this? Absolutly nothong.

What do all of the logs report? The only one i see that has anything to do with this is...
Source: MSExchangeSA
Catagory: MAPI Session
The MAPI call 'OpenMsgSrore' Failed with the following error: The attempt to log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer has failed. (keep in mind a VM is running exchange with Management console on external)
The MAPI provider failed
Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
ID no: 8004011d-5=0512-00000000

There are no DNS or Replication errors

Thank you for responding.

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I lied found another one

by moorezb In reply to Information Store

Service Control

Could not open LDAP session to directory
"" using local service credentials
Cannot access address list configuration information. Make sure the server '' is running.

This one is weird to me because the server is up and running and never went down.

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by ken In reply to Exchange down hard....hel ...
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Information Store

by LoonIT In reply to Exchange down hard....hel ...

Errors usually occur when the information store service is not set to automatic, or it isnt running. Go into your list of services and make sure that all services set to automatic are running, and that information store is running. You will notice a chunk of services that begin with the words Microsoft exchange, this is where info store is. These service errors arise when there is a power failure or an improper shutdown.

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One step at a time

by Churdoo In reply to Exchange down hard....hel ...

As rc said, information store is the first/biggest problem here. Make sure the infostore (Microsoft Exchange Information Store in services.msc) service is up, and is set to Automatic start. This is the default, so it's unlikely that this is your problem.

The infostore server rarely shuts down without leaving messages in the Application log or System log. So start the infostore service and see if it stays up. After starting the service, go into ESM/.../First Storage Group and see if you have to mount the public and private stores. Mount them if necessary and see if they stay up or if they shut down again. If they shut down, then look through event viewer for the reasons for the shut down.

Note: if the stores shut down without leaving any clues, then a "silent exit" means they were TOLD to shut down, sometimes by an anti-virus software. So it may be useful to disable exchange-aware anti-virus software for testing.

Another potential reason for infostore to shut down, and you did give the clue in one of your posts, is if Exchange cannot contact one of your DC's -- if a DC cannot be contacted, the infostore will not start. Which of your DC's hold your GC? Have any changes been made to your DC's? Exchange needs to be able to communicate with a GC holder. Run DCDIAG on your DC's and make sure that Exchange can communicate with your GC(s).

Once you can get your infostore to stay up, then that may solve your problems, but if others remain, post back.

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Thank you

by moorezb In reply to One step at a time

It turned out to be our Anti-Virus shutting it down. Would of never thought to look in that direction.

Again Thank You

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