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    Exchange / IIS install w/Dynamic IP


    by architech ·

    I have a PPOE (Dynamic IP)DSL connection that have connected to a SonicWall Firewall to a HP switch w/4 clients. The server OS is win2kadv svr. I want to setup a BDC that will run Exchange2k and IIS/ftp etc. I utilize ArtofDNS to update my HostnameIP but I have no idea how to setup this enviornment with the dynamic HostnameIP. I dont have a domain name registered with the ArtofDNS service only the hostname. I have the PDC running with Active Directory and I can add additional users and machines to the domain. When I try to add a BDC to the domain and configure Active Directory it cant find the domain?? Help? If there is any add info needed I would be happy to provide.

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      Exchange / IIS install w/Dynamic IP

      by dynamo2003 ·

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      You cannot add a BDC to a Windows 2000 Active Directory because the BDC is seen as a Domain Controller by WIN2K. What you need to upgrade the BDC to Windows 2000 member server and use DC promo to join the Win2k Active Directory.

      Basic prep is to upgrade all your DCs be it PDC or BDC in WINNT 4 to Windows 2000 before introducing Windows 2000 domains controllers.

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