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Exchange Inbound SMTP

By unlock ·

I have W2K3 server as my AD domain controller, DHCP, DNS, and ISA-2003 in
one box. Another box is my Exchange Server behind ISA.

Connectivity details below:
I got a DSL modem connected to the ROUTER with WAN IP-address and LAN IP

My ISA-server's external interface is connected to one of the Router's port with an IP address of and the internal NIC is connected to a SWITCH with an IP address of

My EXHANGE SERVER is connected to the SWITCH with an IP address of and a WinXP-client with an IP address of

Both EXCHANGE SERVER and WinXP-Client are members of the domain.

Current Configuration details:

Mail Exchanger (MX) [10]
smtp 321.213.132.123

The MX record points to the host record named smtp, which points to my router WAN-IP address.

ISA Firewall Policy:
1 Outbound-SMTP Allow SMTP Internal External All Users

2 Inbound-SMTP Allow SMTP Server External

ROUTER Forwarding:
The router forward all inbound SMTP TCP/25 request to my ISA firewall's External NIC which is

Testing using WinXP Client box:
By testing the Inbound SMTP traffic using Telnet, I always get a response like below:

220 ExchServer.mydomain,com Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version 6.0.3790.21 ready at Mon, 30 May 2005 17:20:30 +1000

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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by akalinowski In reply to Exchange Inbound SMTP

what is the netbios name of your exchange server?
i had a problem once where i had the mx record point to but the netbios name of the computer w/ exchange was exsrvr, after i changed the mx record to mailsrvr the server recieved mail no problema
also, do you have incoming port 25 open?

also did you do the reg hacks for having exchange on a domain controller?(if not they are easy to find on google)

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by akalinowski In reply to

almost forgot, check external DNS, use this:

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by jguasch In reply to Exchange Inbound SMTP

Your external IP is and your MX says Mail Exchanger (MX) [10]
smtp 321.213.132.123?

Where did 321.213.132.123 come from?

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by unlock In reply to Exchange Inbound SMTP confirms that I have a dns problem ?few yellows and I red. Adresk, appreciate your help and thank you for pointing me to the right direction.
Good observation jquasch (sorry for misguiding you a little), it?s a typo on my part. Trying to hide my true domain/IP and mistake happened. It should read:

Mail Exchanger(MX) [10]

Anyway, thank you both. I?ll try to fix my dns and post it back here how it goes.

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by unlock In reply to Exchange Inbound SMTP

My exchange is now working. Adresk is right on the dot ? right after I fixed my external dns, inbound mails immediately flowing. Thank you all for your valuable support ? it helped me and saved me a lot of time.

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