Exchange Information Stores blowing up in size while mailboxes don't

By rappodaking ·
Hi Everyone,

I have an issue with my Exchange 2003 SP1 machine. The Exchange Mailbox store (Priv1.ebd specifically) has blown out from 20GB to almost 100GB in a couple of days. The sizes of the individual mailboxes however have not gotten any bigger. I have run a defrag on Priv1.edb and it has reduced its size from 100GB to 80GB, but it?s still way over its threshold. There also seems to be a lot of transaction log activity, one new 5MB log being created every 3-4 minutes, in an Exchange Org with 100-120 users.

Two questions. What could have caused this issue and what options do I have of reducing the size of the EBD file?

Any help would be much appreciated. Would be more then happy to reward anyone who is able to give some much needed advice on this issue.

Thank you.

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Re: Exchange Information Stores blowing up in size while mailboxes don't

This might help you.

Eliminate PST Headache

With an ever increasing growth in the size and quantity of emails, Exchange Information stores are blowing up to an unmanageable size. Exchange administrators are solving the problem by using Outlook archiving to move old messages to personal folders. The result is PST files which grow out of control on server-based file stores or on the user's local hard drive.

Enterprise Vault's centralized archiving process means that Outlook archiving is no longer required, PST files are eliminated and the email once more becomes a corporately managed asset.

Enterprise Vault PST Migrator tool "clean up" existing PST files in the user environment by importing them into Enterprise Vault. This typically halves the storage space consumed by PST files allowing reuse of valuable storage.

Unlimited Mailbox

Quota management has always been the "best practice" for the prevention of overgrown Exchange Information Stores. As users typically use Exchange as a filling system and like to keep as much of their emails as possible. Quota management forces users to either move their emails to a PST file or simply delete them. This result is the lost of precious corporate information and the ever expanding PST files.

Enterprise Vault delivers the concept of an unlimited mailbox. By archiving the older emails from the Exchange Information Stores and replacing the original email with a shortcut. Enterprise Vault for Exchange reduces the size of the Exchange Information Stores by up to 50%, thus allowing more "room" for more emails. While all emails remain accessible to the users, embedded beneath the Exchange native client, Outlook and the Web clients, is a World Class search engine AltaVista, which the user greatly benefits from the extended search capability.

Storage Optimization

KVS, Enterprise Vault automatically controls mailbox growth, reducing the time spent by users and administrators battling with bloated message stores. With Enterprise Vault, Exchange can focus on the dynamic handling of newer Information while Enterprise Vault acts as a high-scale, long-term repository for older information. The overall effect is to provide users with apparently unlimited mailboxes but without the associated cost and management issues. As a result, Enterprise Vault enables the realistic support of more Exchange users per server.

For more information, please contact us or send us an email at

Hope this works for you.

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Are you doing full backups?

by taboga In reply to Exchange Information Stor ...

If you are doing full backups on Exchange every day, the transaction log files should automatically be deleted after each backup. As you know, those log files are created so as to restore the database(s) to a consistent state in the event of a failure. Once the db's have been backed-up, the transaction logs are no longer needed. If you are doing a full back-up and the logs are not automatically being deleted, you "can" delete them manually if you are CERTAIN the db has been backed-up correctly. Just in case you are not certain if the mail store is being backed-up, the properties of the Mailbox store will indicate the last time a full backup was performed. You probably know this, but just thought I would point it out in case.

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More information from Author

by rappodaking In reply to Exchange Information Stor ...

Hi Everyone,

Yes I am doing full backups and yes this does clear the logs. The issue are as follow.

1. Logs are created every 2-3 minutes. This is not a big Exchange Org.
2. Store.exe is allways at 25%+ cpu usage.
3. Our Priv1.EDB is MASSIVE. Has grow from 20GB to almost 100GB.

Once again if somone could please help I would be more then happy to offer a reward.


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Was this ever solved?

by info In reply to Exchange Information Stor ...

I seem to have the same trouble with one of my clients. In a matter days the store has gone from under 20GB to 160GB. If you figured out a resolution to this, I'd me most interested in learning what it was.

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