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    Exchange Late mail Delivery


    by stergios_nik ·

    Does anybody know what is the meaning of (Total No. Items) in the Microsoft Exchange Administrator 5.5 Mailbox Resources option? (SP3 for Exchange installed)

    If it means the number of UNREAD messages in my mailbox then I can not understand why while I have checked my mailbox and transfered the mails to my hard disk (there are 9 messages still appear to be in mail server) (I use POP3).

    Actually, when I send an email message to myself I can see the Total number of Items increase by one (say 10). But when I check the mail server in order to get the message I see that it decreases by 1 leaving total number of items=9.

    Does it mean that I have 9 UNREAD messages in my mail server and how can I read them?

    ALSO, something strange happened. I sent an email message and THE MESSAGE DID NOT APPEAR IN THE SENT FOLDER. I think this is VERY BAD. Actually, that message that does not appear in the SENT folder, was finaly delivered one month later to the recipient. The problem appeared not only with the email addresses inside my LAN, but with recipients outside.

    Is it to do with my ISP which keeps my messages (backup server) while my mail server is offline?

    Please if you have any clue, help me…

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      Exchange Late mail Delivery

      by l.d.axten ·

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      Good Morning
      we had a problem similar to that which you mentioned about e-mails showing as not been read but within the mailbox not showing any new e-mails. I presume that you have the rights to logon as an administrator. Within Office 2000 or 97/98 you can open another users maibox, ask before actually doing this, depending on your privacy policy wihtin your company. From there you should be able to see the e-mails that you can’t within your client. Why this happens can’t say, how we resolvedthe problem was to install a fresh install of 2000 within the machine.
      As to your other question, i presume that your not connected to the net 100% of the time and only logon to your ISP as necessary. If this is the case how long a period of time do you stay connected, sufficient to download and upload all your mails, try turning on logging within echange or turn on receipt within your e-mail to find out where the problem exists, maybe your ISP went down for maintenance, give’um a ring.It could also be related to your problem within your client not showing unread e-mails.Do you use a .PST, has this happened since.check your settings.
      Hope it helps.

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      Exchange Late mail Delivery

      by stergios_nik ·

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