Exchange of C: Partition to Strange thing!

By Dolphin111 ·
Hi! Everyone, i just formated and reinstalled win XP Service pack 3. Like always i partition my drive into C for the system files and all the programs I'm running, and drive D for my very important staff.
When ever I'm doing a new Windows installation i never delete the D drive, i only format the C drive and proceed with the installation on this drive, now here is the strange thing "last night after finishing the window installation i realized that my D drive became the C drive and the C drive is the D drive and thats where the OS is" Well I'm surprised never seen this before and at the same time I'm worried with my files being on the main drive C: instead of on the drive. Guys what is the cause of this behavior and is this normal? How can stop this from happening again next time? Thanks in advance for your attention.

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XP designates first drive

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Exchange of C: Partition ...

found as C if you put in an unformatted drive. I found this out the hard way a while back. XP won't allow you to change this without a reinstall (and disable the secondary drive first). I'm not sure if there are any other tools out there that will let you change this without reinstalling.

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XP designates first drive

by Dolphin111 In reply to XP designates first drive

thanks for your replay! Well, I don't no of any other tools out other. And I'm not willing to install windows again, i just wont have time for that, but any suggestion is welcome The only thing i thought of is to get all my data from the that Drive and burn it in a DVD and do a new installation of windows.Thanks for your post

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Win XP SP3???

by w2ktechman In reply to Exchange of C: Partition ...

Where did you get it?

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I noticed that too

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Win XP SP3???

Just giving the benefit in case it was a typo.

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I was wondering about that!

by Dontknowwhatimdoing In reply to Win XP SP3???

According to MS the preliminary release date is the 1st half of 2008.

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