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By dball@cityofsacramento. ·
In my spare time I manage my wifes small business network (7-10 users). Shortly after I got them all setup with ISP hosted POP3 mail they started requesting shared calendars, shared contacts and shared folders. They do have SBS Server 2003 but I never setup exchange because I was planning that they keep their hosted email.
Can anyone recommend what I can do to accomdate their needs and keep my administration to a minimum still. Keep in mind that I can only spend about 2 hours a month administrating the office at this point.

Sacramento, CA

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GFI mail essentials

by faradhi In reply to Exchange Options

Keep the pop account and purchase GFI mail essentials.

It cost $450 for 25 mailboxes. It will provide spam filtering and check the POP accounts for you.

I am currently using this product while migrating from POP to Exchange. However, I have colleagues that have used this for extended periods of time.

I find the product easy to use an implement.

Hope it helps.

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GFI mail essentials

by dball@cityofsacramento. In reply to GFI mail essentials

Spam is not exactly the problem.

Sacramento, CA

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You mis-understand, I know spam is not the issue.

by faradhi In reply to GFI mail essentials

The main reason you would purchase it is so that it could check the pop accounts and the drop the mail into Exchange. Then your users would use the Outlook with Exchange to check their email and Share calendars and all the other stuff you can use exchange for.

Then spam filter is a bonus.

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Set up Exchange on SBS

by curlergirl In reply to Exchange Options

I would go ahead and set up Exchange on the SBS server. This will allow them to share their calendars, contacts, etc. They can still keep their POP email accounts and download them directly from their workstations (as I assume they are now). Even though setting up Exchange creates internal email addresses for everyone, you can set their POP3 account as the default email account so that their outgoing email will still have the correct return address information.

Although it does take a little effort to set up, once you've got it up and running and properly configured, it doesn't take a lot of monitoring or tweaking. There's a lot of good documentation on the Microsoft web site.

Hope this helps!

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Exchange mail accounts

by ianq In reply to Set up Exchange on SBS

Hi Cutegirl

I need to set up some 50 users accessing the Exchange server for incoming and outgoing mails from POP3.

Would you be able to provide me a quick guide in setting up the above ?


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