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Exchange/Outlook 2003: Recurring appointments are getting deleted

One of our users is reporting that recurring appointments are getting
removed from his Outlook calendar without his being prompted. This is
causing problems as he misses meetings that he has scheduled because they
dropped off his calendar. He does sync with a Blackberry but apparently has
it set to Outlook winning any conflict between the device and the email
client, so it is probably not the Blackberry that is causing the problem. I
set up logging on the Outlook client but then read that the log must be sent
to Microsoft to be decrypted. Has anyone had experience doing this?

I am tempted to flatten his laptop and reinstall Outlook, but can't be sure
the problem is not with the Exchange server so this action might be an
inconvenience to him that does not resolve the problem. Any ideas?

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Clear and Resync

by TheIronMan In reply to Exchange/Outlook 2003: Re ...

If the user's info store is clean, then it's probably the BB.

First thing is to clear the calendar off of the BB using the Desktop Manager, then Resynch the BB Calendar using the MS Outlook first and make sure setting is to Outlook wins. When done, set it back to Wireless and resynch it. It's also a good idea to put 7 days prior and 60 days forward on the BB too.

Once that's done, check the user's Calendar options on the BB itself to make sure that Mailbox Wins.

Also advise the user to NOT accept meeting notices on the BB if he/she has delegates that manager their calendar. Lag time between their acceptance and their delegate can cause dupes or deletions too. Don't know if this is solved in BES 4.0 yet, but it's definitely an issue with the latest BES 3.6.

Give the resync thing a whirl and see if that works for you.

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