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    Exchange question


    by tgarber ·

    I manage a Microsoft network and we have an exchange server which has an issue I need help with. Here is the problem, up until about a week ago an individual from one of our customers was able to send us emails no problem. Now all of the sudden we can send them emails but they cannot reply or send them back. According to the user from the other company they receive no errors about the message being undeliverable. I can?t figure where the problem is because I had one of the users at the other company send an email to my personal account (an email account checked from the net) and I received it. I have made no changes to my exchange server which would lead me to believe it must be on the other companies end. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to go about further troubleshooting this issue?


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      by tgarber ·

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      Message Tracking

      by churdoo ·

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      Enable Message Tracking on your exchange server if it’s not already, then have the user resend and query message tracking; if the message is reaching your exchange organization, it will show up in your message tracking query, otherwise the message is not reaching your exchange server.

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      Check MX records

      by faradhi ·

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      Have the sender check the MX record for External and Internal DNS servers. It should be your external mail address. A lot of mail administrators are not returning NDR’s for invalid addresses to protect against Directory Harvest Attacks. So if the MX record is incorrectly pointing to someone else’s server the sender may not get a response.

      If you are using an Anti-SPAM service like Postini, check to be sure that they are not getting caught in the virus or spam filters.

      Hope this helps

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