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    Exchange RDNS?


    by pachucos ·

    I have a customer that wants to send us email but cannot because we do not have a RDNS entry. First off Our Website is handled by one Company and our T1 line (ISP) is handled by another. The web site company has a MX record pointing to our T1 Line. My question is should I and if I should who should set up a RDNS for my MX record? I want to tell them to Kiss off because we can send and recieve mails from everyone else but them. They are blaming us and telling us to change. and all the “C’s” are saying yes lets do it becuase thier guy has a alphabet after his name. I need some info “ammo” for a conference call with this company later on. Thanking in advance for all insights.

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      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to Exchange RDNS?

      He is correct….. The hottest thing out there now to help thwart spam, is to have a record in the reverse lookup zone.

      Your ISP is who handles the reverse lookup zone.
      They need to create the reverse zone for your IP block. Then either delegate DNS of that zone to you, or they need to create and maintain the records for you.

      It’s actually not a bad idea because it does stop most spam mail. But it also stops alot of legitimate mail.

      I personally don’t employ the mandatory use of reverse dns lookups from my mail servers. It just add’s lot’s of overhead.

      Plus it would be hypocritical of me to do so since I use my own personal smtp server at home, and I would be one of those people who can no longer send mail from home and forced to use my ISP’s e-mail servers and address’.

      Also I take the stance of “Yeah, this is great if every admin in the country knew what they were doing. But they don’t so I am not going to discriminate against them”.

      I’m not going to force some mom and pop shop to be at the mercy of their ISP. And not all ISP’s will do this for their customers. Especially DSL subscribers.

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