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    Exchange Rooms and Equipment Feature not very good


    by portlandp ·

    I am new to Outlook/Exchange 2007 and I’d like to say that I don’t find the Resources feature to be very good. There are 3 things in particular that seem to me to be very obvious pitfalls:

    1) If someone books out a resource like a camera, they have to create a meeting to do this. They may not want to mark themselves as busy in order to use a camera. I have found no way to get around this without marking the camera as free as well
    (which completely renders the whole excercise of reserving a resource irrelevant).
    2)There is no list of exactly what has been booked out on a specific day without having to manually add in all the various resources to view their free/busy times in ‘Plan a meeting’ or ‘Group Schedules’.
    3)To select Rooms or Equipment in Outlook 2007, you have to select ‘All Rooms’ from the Address Book (after fiddling in Exchange Shell to include equipment). This seems to be counter-intuitive as staff here would obviously not think to click on ‘All rooms’ to select equipment.

    I haven’t implemented the Resource booking system yet in Outlook/Exchange and this is just what I’ve found in the last few days, if I was set this live tomorrow, the IT helpdesk will be going crazy with irate calls about how ineffective the whole system is. I wonder how other people get on with this as I can’t seem to find many comments about it on the internet.

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      Same Issues

      by wamari ·

      In reply to Exchange Rooms and Equipment Feature not very good

      My issues were around the same concept in my situation it was resources like LCD projectors which were portable meeting rooms which are not movable. The whole thing land face first after searching on the subject I eventually gave up.

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