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By HBB ·
I have recently migrated from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003.
To illustrate my query I will create a ficticious situation.
Joe Blog is the director of Blog Enterprises.
Joe has 2 mailboxes - and BlogDirector
Created a profile in Outlook for and need to give permission to send on behalf of BlogDirector.
This can easily be done by inserting in the "Grant this permission to:" in the delivery options of BlogDirector however when this is done the receiver of emails can see: on behalf of blogdirector in the To box
I need this to show just blogdirector.

This was achieved with Exchange 2000 by giving joe.blogg full access to blogdirector using exchange advanced settings - Mailbox Rights on BlogDirector without inserting in the "Grant this permission to:" in the delivery options.
After the migration to exchange 2003 an error saying that does not have permission for this task.

Is there a way to have "send on behalf of" availability which does not show the person who sent the email on behalf of the BlogDirector using exchange 2003

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Granting 'Send As' rights to an Exchange 2003 user

by asupport In reply to Exchange - Send on behalf ...

Granting 'Send As' rights to an Exchange 2003 user

1. Run Active Directory Users and Computers and select the View menu and select Advanced Features.

2. Select the User object that will be Send on Behalf of(i.e. BlogDirector).

3. Right-click the object and select Properties.

4. Under Security Tab -> Click Advanced, click Add and type the username (i.e. that you want to grant Send As permissions to.

5. Click Check Names to make sure you have the name right and then click OK.

6. In the Permission Entry dialog, select "This object only" in the "Apply to" dropdown, and then check "Allow" under "Send As" in the Permissions list. Make sure no other permissions are being explicitly granted.

7. Click OK to all to close the dialogs boxes.

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by HBB In reply to Granting 'Send As' rights ...

That has been a great help
Many thanks

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Send on Behalf

by danygug In reply to Granting 'Send As' rights ...

Do you know how can i make that send on behalf option will be default in outlook client? i mean then i open outlook and i want to send new email i need to choose "from" and i need that it will be default option

thank you

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Problem Solved!

by fullonpbod In reply to Granting 'Send As' rights ...

I've tolerated the annoying "on behalf of" for years. Thank you for cracking the code. This is a clean and effective solution to this problem.

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I would like to have a sent on behalf sender displayed

by rschroder In reply to Problem Solved!

Our users who are autorised to send on behalf do not see their sent onbehalf name.
How to accomplish this?

thanks for your help...

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Did not work for me

by dstinch In reply to Exchange - Send on behalf ...

I performed this fix on a users mailbox. When the person who has 'send on behalf' enabled sends an email it still shows the person how sent of behalf. What could I have done wrong?

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I get the same problem

by billb In reply to Did not work for me

I get the same problem.

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