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Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise

By Loafer72 ·

I have exchange server 2003 enterprise with OWA enabled and working fine. I have Office XP installed on client PCs and using MS Outlook as email client.

In MS Outlook, I added serveral contacts in Personal Address book. These contacts do show up when I logon via OWA. However, when I create a new memo and try to find those contacts, they don't show up in OWA as well as MS Outlook. In OWA it does not show up any contacts in Global Address book as well as in Contacts. In MS Outlook, it shows only the users in Active directory and not the contacts in my personal address book.

Can somebody please help me resolve this issue.

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by Cgoeckel In reply to Exchange Server 2003 Ente ...

I hope you don't mean personal address book as in PAB file - those won't show up in OWA and aren't needed (you should use contacts instead). If you mean that your contacts aren't showing up when you hit the To button, that *is* a limitation of OWA - you can open your contacts, open one, and then choose new message to contact - or look into for an add-on that will make OWA behave a lot more like Outlook.

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by Loafer72 In reply to PAB?

Thanks for your reply. I am sorry, I did mean contacts. All my contacts show in MS Outlook as well as OWA. But when I click in TO: in new memo I can't find any contacts neither OWA nor in MS Outlook. In OWA it gives me two options, one is Global address list and the other is Contacts. I chose contacts but still nothings comes up. In MS Outlook, I see several different address lists, including Global, All Lists and a few other but not Contacts. In global address list it only shows the users that I created in active directory. Is there anyway I could see all my contact folder? At the moment I am unable to see them when I create a new memo and click TO: in MS Outlook or OWA.
I will try the fix you sent the link to. Thanks again.

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AD Published Contacts

by BFilmFan In reply to Contacts

Did you publish the contacts to Active Directory?

Exchange is pulling the information for the Global Address List from AD and not from your personal contacts.

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AD Contact publishing

by Loafer72 In reply to AD Published Contacts

Can you please tell me how to publish contacts to AD? Can I somehow point exchange to pull the info from my personal contacts instead of GAL? Thanks

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Try this link

by Cgoeckel In reply to AD Contact publishing

BFilmfan can correct me on this if I am wrong with this article.

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If that isn't working...

by Cgoeckel In reply to Contacts

I have run into that problem before. I dealt with this via our PR folks.

Here is what they did...

They took their contacts and created folders for their contacts by media (TV, Radio, newspaper, etc).
When they went into their contacts through OWA they couldn't see or find them. I couldn't figure out what they were talking about till they showed me the folders on their pcs.

If you don't have them like that it is probably something in AD like BFilmFan posted.

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