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    Exchange Server 2003 help!!!!


    by jshtcm213 ·

    Im in a Windows environment, i have 3 domain controllers all running Windows 2003 server (one of the DC’s hosts the Global Catalog, and my Exchange 2003 server in my network. Every now and then my Mail server will stop routing mail, meaning Outlook clients cannot connect to it. It seems to me that Active Directory is acting up. All the exchange Services are running when this occurs, and in event viewer i get hundreds of errors, One of them stating that the mail server cannot communicate with our 3 domain controllers.
    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advace

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      Reply To: Exchange Server 2003 help!!!!

      by atharaaa ·

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      There could be serveral reasons for this to happen. Kindly go thru each as mentioned below to zero out the origin of problem.

      – Check Network connectivity issue by checking the ports of switch to which these servers are connected.
      – Verify in the event viewer of A.D. at that instance of problem about any DNS service up and down which is preventing the mail server from communicating with A.D.
      – In the mail server properties, check which server is configured to lookup for directory access in Exchange System Manager > Administrative Groups > servers > Right Click ur mail server > properties > Directory Access Tab > In the Show drop down button select “Configure Domain Controller” and verify that its configured to automatically discover servers. If Yes. Uncheck it and click Add and select one of the GC in ur network and close the dialog box. This configuration means that your mail server will look to that particular AD/GC for A.D. infor and when ever that server is un accessible to ur mail server then only the problem will arise.

      Do this and monitor the performance. Take a closer look at the event viewer of Exchange and A.D. to get into the root cause of this problem

      Hope this could help you.


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      Reply To: Exchange Server 2003 help!!!!

      by jshtcm213 ·

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