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    Exchange Server 2003 & POP3 Email


    by gqstyles55 ·

    Hi all,

    I have a situation coming up that I could use some direction with. I have a small network (55 users) with a single Windows 2003 Server Domain. Currently all users have a POP3 email account that runs through our ISP. In the near future we will be implementing a brand new Windows 2003 Server with Exchange 2003 on it. The main purpose for this is to share calendars, assign tasks and things like that. I don’t believe that we will be hosting our own email. Ideally, we will set up SMTP email accounts that run through exchange for internal email. Seeing as I don’t have a lot of experience with setting up exchange, My question is this:

    Regarding the current POP3 email accounts…what is the most practical way to deal with the POP3 email accounts? I’m not quite sure how to configure the system to still use the POP3 accounts but run through exchange. Maybe I’m asking something that can’t be done. I know with SBS you can take advantage of the POP3 Connector. But Exchange 2003 doesn’t have that. Will I have to get a third party POP3 Connector program? Will I still have to have the POP3 accounts set up on the user PC’s. The problem with doing that is all of their external email (POP3) will still be local on the user’s PC which won’t be getting backed up. I know that is a lot of questions…sorry. I’m just not sure what the best route to take is. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Exchange Server 2003 & POP3 Email

      As usual MS isn’t very forthcoming on this but this link may be of some help

      Personally I try to avoid MS Servers and Exchange at every opportunity as there are better tools available to do the job. Also 2003 Exchange isn’t going to be around much longer so you may well find that you are looking at some newer version being implemented before you actually make the change.


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      Reply To: Exchange Server 2003 & POP3 Email

      by curlergirl ·

      In reply to Exchange Server 2003 & POP3 Email

      Without 3rd party software, there are really 2 ways to go. One is the SBS route, which includes the POP3 Connector. This allows you to POP the email directly to the Exchange server. It’s fast and convenient for the user, but it does have its own quirks and doesn’t work well in every scenario.

      The other way, if you don’t purchase SBS, is to continue to have the users download the mail at their workstations. The problem you mention regarding backup does not apply, however, assuming you are using Outlook and not a different email client or Outlook Express. Using Outlook, although the mail is being downloaded at the workstation, you can (and should) set it up to download into the user’s Exchange mailbox. This way, it is saved in the Exchange database and gets backed up with your regular Exchange backups.

      Personally, with 50 users, I would recommend going ahead and moving to hosting your own email. 50 POP email boxes gets to be a lot to manage, IMO, when you could much more easily manage them on your own Exchange server. It would require you to learn a lot more about Exchange, though, so you might want to start out with the POP mailboxes and move to self-hosted email later on, when you know more about Exchange and SMTP mail servers.

      Hope this helps!

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      Reply To: Exchange Server 2003 & POP3 Email

      by gqstyles55 ·

      In reply to Exchange Server 2003 & POP3 Email

      Thanks for your all your comments. They are helping me decide on which route to go. Lets say that for now, until I am comfortable hosting our own mail, I choose to leave the POP3 accounts on the local workstations and set up the PC’s to download the POP3 email into their Exchange mailboxes (which I believe you do by adding the POP3 email account as an additional email account under the Exchange account and tell it to download messages to the Exchange box)like you said curlergirl…Do I have to add an additional smtp address in Active Directory for all the users? What else is involved in setting this up in order to have the users local exchange account and the POP3 account functioning at the same time?

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        local exchange account

        by sweelong ·

        In reply to Reply To: Exchange Server 2003 & POP3 Email

        Hi ggstyles55,
        I having this similar situation. Currently,I’m having Window 2003 Standard edition and Exchange 2007. We wish to have the functionality of calender sharing and address book sharing.
        However, we also wish to have our Email account to be host by 3rd party mail hosting company.
        It is possible to have our Exchange 2007 to send and receive using 3rd party mail hosting?
        And our exchange will be serve as a backup, to keep mails for all account
        which are from external pop3 account?

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