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Exchange server 2003 problem

By juneil.era ·
"The name could not be resolved. the name could not be matched to a name in the address list."

I have never experienced this problem before. Just a few days ago, when i created this new account, everything was set up except for the outlook. After putting the domain name and the username I had an error.

"the name could not be resolved. the name could not be matched to a name in the address list."

I have searched and read many article regarding this problem but none of them had any specific solutions to the problem. Help anyone....

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DNS maybe?

by matt In reply to Exchange server 2003 prob ...

Have you checked that DNS is resolving correctly? Did the creation of the mailbox happen correctly. If you have Outlook Web Access in your environment I would suggest logging onto the mail server from there and seeing if it works. That way, if it does work you know that the problem is with the client and not the mailbox.

Is there anything in the event logs on the client? Do you get the same problem if you try to set up a different account? Have you tried setting the profile up on a different computer?

I know - lots of questions. If you can answer them I may be able to help further.



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Likely GAL lookup error

by piniron In reply to Exchange server 2003 prob ...

I am assuming that under server you are keying in the exchange server name and that it is not a DC.

Try the following under server key in a DC ip address (preferably one set up as a GC also).
Enter the username as normal and then check name - it should work. Exchange 2003 uses AD to resolve names, that is were it generates the GAL from. So go straight to it rather then trying to resolve through the exchange box.

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I solved the problem this way.

by wjlight In reply to Exchange server 2003 prob ...

Had the same problem driving me mad. User name was shown in address list, I could send it e-mail which Exchange Manager showed was received. This is the work-around I tried which worked.

Log onto a computer with Outlook with an administrator's account. Set up the user's account there. The user name was found and the account established. I then logged out and logged in on the user's computer and was able to create the profile.

Seems to have been some sort of strange permissions conflict in finding the user name that logging in first as administrator cleared.

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