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    Exchange server 2003 queues filled with spam


    by rlopez ·

    I have just recently gone through the agony of cleaning out my exchange server 2003, on a MS Windows Server 2003 r2 sp2, of SPAM. I also had to close the open relay. i have tested it on certain websites to make sure that i do not have an open relay and i dont. i also did not re-enter a smart host in my smtp virtual server. However, my mxlogic people stated that a spam came through out of my outbound ip address and they sent me a copy of the header and the time and what not. My question is how is this possible if my exchange server is not pointing to a smart host? Next question. How can I trace the culprit to a computer/workstation? Are there any sniffers out there that can help me track the computer that is infected? I have a wide area network with 6 different access points all connected through a T1 and I have about 300 workstations. I am using Kaspersky Antivirus on all workstations. I have a cisco 3600 on the outside connection and an astaro on the inside. I dont believe the astaro is configured for anything except a gateway. Can somebody help me out?

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