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By sach_shin2001 ·
Hi All,
I have a question to ask.Its very basic But I need to know.

I have registered only one domain name
So at ISP, I have MX entry as in mx in A

Users were directly connecting to the mail server provided by isp using pop3/smtp client (outlook) for receiving/ sending data.

But now,I have installed a domain called, I want to install exchange server as and want to receive the mails directly to my exch2 server.(this server will have live ip address) So that I want to delete the mailboxes at exch1.
But I want to use the same domain name i.e (this is because I have another place that is using this domain and and it is known by all.)
what kind of settings do I need at ISP side to route mails to this

(Is it possible to have another 2 entries at isp as follows: in mx in mx in a in a

e.g. somebody is sending mail to query goes to dns, dns checks the domain and queries to both exch servers.When it queries to about the mailbox , it finds the mailbox (this is possible because I will enter as secondary email address for the user ppp situated in exch2 server.)and send the mail to mailbox of
Now if wants to send a mail to somebody on internet. For this I will install relay service on will go to virtual server properties --> access --> relay --> select "Only the list below" -->add to the list.

I find this as right solution.But I still have doubt and want to clarify.Please help me as soon as possible.Its very urgent!!!
Thank you in advance!

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by ChrisDent In reply to Exchange server

Responded to the other thread. I have a few more details to add:

This situation as you describe is getting very complicated. What would you like to achieve with this system?

Notes of the MX System:

MX is a fault tolerant system to find e-mail servers based on a metric.

Use this as an example: in mx 1 in mx 2

Syntax: <Domain> in MX <Metric> <Server>

In this situation a request for the e-mail server for will check this list, then send to the server with the lowest Metric (

Only if that server is unavailable (offline / network down) will it attempt to connect to the server

If both servers have the same metric then any server sending mail will choose one of the servers to send to (ie load balancing), however, if the mailbox isn't present on the system it tries the e-mail will bounce back to the sender (ie it won't check both servers).

As I wrote in the other thread, I would suggest that you change the MX record making your Exchange server responsible for all e-mail to the domain. Only using the POP accounts to recieve e-mail on for one week following the DNS changes to allow for propagation.

That is: in MX 1 in A <public IP address>

So long as the e-mail server has an address present for for each mailbox it will recieve.

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