Exchange server 5.5 to 2003

By roman72 ·
I need help migrating accounts from an Exchange Server 5.5 to a new machine running SBS 2003 with Exchange 2003. The old server was running windows NT 4.0 with Exchange 5.5 and we got a new server. I have already added all the users and the computers over, but I need some direction as far as bringing over the email accounts and what the easiest way would be. I did not migrate any of the users or the machines, I added them all in manually since we did not have that many. i still have the NT 4.0 machine running just to pull off data before retiring it.

Thank you

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Exmerge or Outlook

by Churdoo In reply to Exchange server 5.5 to 20 ...

Since you're moving to SBS, you couldn't have done the classic NT/E5.5 to 2K/2K3 migration anyway, since SBS does not allow trusts.

And since you have already re-created all of the users and Computers in the new AD, the only thing left (assuming you have mail flow on the new SBS box), is to copy user mailboxes from old to new.

There are 2 ways you can do this.
a) You can run install and run EXMERGE on the old server (free download from MS) to export all of the user mailboxes to .pst's; move the .pst's to the new server, and on the SBS box, EXMERGE the .pst's into their respective user mailboxes; or
b) connect a test workstation with Outlook to the old domain; login as a user and configure Outlook for that user; export their mailbox to a .pst; repeat this process for each user; copy all of the .pst files to the new SBS and EXMERGE them into their respective user mailboxes.

For either method, an alternative once you have all old user mailboxes in a collection of .pst's, you may distribute each .pst to its respective user and have them import the .pst into their new mailbox using Outlook. This would be in lieu of using EXMERGE on the SBS.

Again, I've assumed that you have your mail flow configured on the new SBS and you are only asking about moving old mailbox data to the new user mailboxes. If there are more/other issues, post back.

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