Exchange server disk partition trouble

Okay so there is a Miscrosoft Exchange server 2003 running SP2 and im unable to access a disk partition, which could be the rool of my mail server trouble.
We are running a 250GB SATA drive that has 3 partitions. C drive for OS. / for the mail server and H for Data. (Optical drive was remapped from / to F:/). so under device manager i see D and H partitions doing fine but partition D is inaccessible. it says its health and has 90GB of 90GB free space (which is too empty and suspicious), also says its healthy but anytime i try to access it i get the error: 'Drive / is not accessible, there is not enough space on the drive'.
before i get into the guts of the computer and running tests on the drive i was hoping for any suggestions.
Is it possible for the log files to have somehow overflowed the other partitions thereby causing D drive to think there is freespace when in reality there is none?

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