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Exchange Server & External Domain

By tberin ·
Hello, I have recently created a domain name under I have also installed a DC and EXCH 2003 server on the same machine with the domain name same as my no-ip domain but instead of the ending .org I put .local

I am able to send and recieve mail inside my network but not from outside. My question is how can I connect my internal domain with my external domain so I would be able to send mail to external users and get mail from them as well?

Thanks in advance.

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Create the recipients policy

You have to add in the defaul recipient policy of your exchange server the public domain name and set is as default domain. In your policy you'll find:


with the second one highlighted since it's the default one. Once you do this they Exchange server will accept messages directed to the ".org" domain because it now knows it's a relay server for that domain.

Make also sure in the account properties of each user the email address of the ".org" domain is set as the default domain, otherwise your users will be sending emails with "user@domain.local" as the sender in the envelope.

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by michaeljayuda In reply to Create the recipients pol ...

According to your explanation, i'm still confused (sorry i'm new to exch svr), do i have to get public domain name, eg. can user that i created in win 2003 svr AD send email to internet mail eg. user1@mydomain.local to, and what email address the recipient got in their email... also if somebody send mail to my lan, did they send to my user in AD such as user1@mydomain.local that i said before. thanks a lot

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