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    Exchange Server from a Novell Network


    by techrepublic ·

    I work for a School District. The Administrative Network runs on Windows NT 4.0 with a Novell Server. The Instructional Network runs all Windows 2000 except 1 server (4.0). I setup a exchange server running 4.0 and 5.5. I cann’t access the server via outlook from the novell computers. I put all the username domain and password in and then I get a message saying that I don’t have permission to logon
    Can it be done?
    Need answer STAT

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      Exchange Server from a Novell Network

      by erikdr ·

      In reply to Exchange Server from a Novell Network

      It can be done. How exactly, that requires more info than you gave.
      The key point is: a workstation accessing Exchange needs NT domain credentials for the domain of the Exchange server. (Or alternatively for the separate Exchange userlist, but I assume you did NT sync.)
      These are NOT the userid/password of Novell, but Microsoft userid/password. You are forced to obtain these credentials by e.g. logging in to the NT domain (next to the Novell logon) before connecting to Exchange.

      Probably the Exchange manuals do have a section on how to connect in an environment with Novell – that section probably goes deeper than what I write here.

      At your service,

      – The Netherlands

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      Exchange Server from a Novell Network

      by stillatit ·

      In reply to Exchange Server from a Novell Network

      You will probably need to do the following:

      1. Make sure client for Microsoft is on all the administrative network computers. (In addition to the client for Novell)

      2. Make sure each administrative network user has a login and mailbox on the domain containing the Exchange server, or, alternately, has a login and mailbox on the Exchange server computer.

      3. In Outlook, on each of these computers, make sure the computer can find the Exchange server by name. Depending on your browsing setup and routers, if any, this may require an entry in the LMHOSTS file or HOSTS file on each computer. Having found the server, verify the mailbox.

      4. For automatic logins to Exchange, the username and password the user logs on to his computer withmust exactly match the username and password on the domain or Exchange server, and in the mail profile, under Exchange Server properties, Advanced Tab, NT Password Authentication should be set in the Logon network security box. If you explicitly assigned passwords in the Exchange server, or the mail and login passwords are different, then this box should have Distributed Password Authentication set, and the user will get a pop-up login box when starting Outlook.

      Good luck

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      Exchange Server from a Novell Network

      by techrepublic ·

      In reply to Exchange Server from a Novell Network

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