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Exchange Server mailbox setup

By HereInOz ·
Hi all,

I have been asked to set up an Exchange server on a Windows 2003 Server for Small Business, and I must confess that it is not my strong point.

Everything is working after a fashion, but there is one aspect that the client would like to have that I cannot solve, and I hope someone can assist.

He wants to have one mailbox, in other words, one email address, accessible on one machine, to all three users who log on to that machine.

For example, let us say that the email address is, and he has three users who use that machine, he wants any of those users to be able to log on as themselves, not with a generic log on, but their own log on, and be able to read mail sent to and send email as

Is this possible and can anyone clue me in as to where I would look for the guidance to do this. I am not after hand holding, but if someone knows where to find the info, then that would help considerably.

Also, if it is not possible, that would be great too, so it saves me trying to work out how to do it.



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by curlergirl In reply to Exchange Server mailbox s ...

The problem is not allowing them to read the email, it is in allowing them all to use the same address when sending email. You can give anyone in your organization full permissions to any mailbox in two ways: (1) log on as the main mailbox user and edit the permissions to allow other users to open all of the folders in the mailbox; check Outlook help for how to do this; or (2) in Active Directory, go to the Exchange Advanced tab of the main mailbox user, click Mailbox Rights, add the other users here and give them Read and Full Mailbox access permissions.

As for sending, you cannot assign the same email address to more than one user. Each of the users will have to have their own email address. However, what you can do is set up their email to be automatically forwarded to the shared mailbox. To do this, edit the user's properties in Active Directory, click on the Exchange General tab, click Delivery Options, click the Forward to: option and set the shared mailbox as the recipient. This way, when someone replies to any of the users, the reply will get forwarded to the common mailbox.

Hope this helps!

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by HereInOz In reply to

Thank you - All of these replies were great. It has given me some good things to work with.

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by house In reply to Exchange Server mailbox s ...

Have you considered using a group for all three. All three can have their own email address, but also be part of a group email address. All of the users will receive the same mail, and they can send with the name of the group.



you can set these accounts to receive from the group group@server.local

when they send, they can send from group@server.local

no one will ever notice otherwise

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by HereInOz In reply to

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by rindi1 In reply to Exchange Server mailbox s ...

You can use public folders for everyone's use. In Outlook just create that new address in a new public folder and mail enable it. The user who created that folder has the rights to assign access to this folder for other users. Normally this folder isn't used to send mails, but to collect mails, like

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by HereInOz In reply to

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by HereInOz In reply to Exchange Server mailbox s ...

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