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    Exchange server Memory


    by singhjunk ·

    My exchange server has a memory leak I think. IT has 294 K and after a day or so it literally falls down so much that I have to reboot it. Altough I have scan-mail for exchange and ofscan like programs installed on it. I have also installed service pack 6a but don’t know why it consumes so much of memory. Can I limit exchange server to use a certain amout of memory and leaving the rest for other processes or if so will it affect
    clients who are using exchange server slow network access to exchange as they might experience some slow communication with the exchage server.

    Any ideas!

    I highly appericate in advance.

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      Exchange server Memory

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Exchange server Memory

      If you are running Exchange v5.5, it will use all the memory it can (up to 3gig); previous versions only used up to 256meg.

      It is possible to set a limit on it, by running the Exchange Optimizer and looking for the checkbox at the bottom.

      Also, make sure you’re running the latest service pack (SP2 for Exchange v5.0 or SP3 for v5.5); some of the fixes had to do with memory leaks.

      But I doubt this particular leak is from Exchange and if you do limit the memory as above, the problem will probably still occur. You might want to open Task Manager just after you re-boot and make a list of memory utilization by process and then compare it a few hours later to see if there are any obvious increases – you might find the real culprit that way.

      Hope this helps.


      Paul M. Wright, Jr. MCSE, CNE
      McKay Technologies

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      Exchange server Memory

      by zinnix ·

      In reply to Exchange server Memory

      msx 5.5 takes all memory it has.
      you can run optimizer and disable it.
      be adviced that MS released a post sp3 patch
      to resolve memory leak problems. u can check it.


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