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    Exchange Server Question.


    by singhjunk ·

    Lets say that we add another exchange server joining the existing site or Organization within the same network and I want it to be configured like the first one so that half of the people work using one exchange server and the other half can use theother exchange server.

    Original Server:-

    Lets say my site name :- USCAG
    and Organizational Name:- Crafts Americana

    The e-mail address would be something like:-

    This is for the first Server( Original Exchange Server which is up and running using these site and Organizational Names).

    Now I want to add another computer or Exchange Server joining the existing site
    in the same network the e-mail address look for a particular user Test would look like this:-

    1:-Can I change this some how to be the same
    like the one earlier.?

    2:- If yes, how? and will it affect anything in particular. Do I have to reset all the mail connectors when I install another exchange server

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      Exchange Server Question.

      by dvn ·

      In reply to Exchange Server Question.

      Open Exchange Administrator, scroll down to a Site object. On the right site you will see Site Addressing, Highlight it , go to file,properties. You will see several addresses, the one you need is SMTP. Make sure it says , if not you can change it right there. It won’t affect anything else because Exchange doesn’t
      use it for internal communication.

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      Exchange Server Question.

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Exchange Server Question.

      First question was answered above so I’ll take on the second.

      If you are adding a second server within a site, nothing will change because the Internet Mail Connector applies to the site, not to the server.

      Just build the server and have it join the site and you’re done except for moving the mailboxes.

      The neat thing about the servers being within the same site is that you can move mailboxes by just going to Exchange Administrator, selecting the boxes you want to move, click Tools – Move and it will complete automatically.



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