Exchange server question?

By jfuller05 ·
I have a question on exchange server 2010. The agency I'm currently with has our domain and email hosted by GoDaddy. Due to a software upgrade including an employee self service module that we want to use, we're required to run our email in-house so we can use anonymous relay to send people a new password when they forget (and they will) their employee self service login password.

Question: does the active directory domain name (contoso.local) have the be same as our hosted domain name ( During the exchange server setup, which I've already done, I have setup everything as "contoso.local" After setup, I noticed that our emails are going to, e.g. jseinfeld at contoso.local instead of the current email he has jseinfeld at which will be a big problem for the users here. We would have to change our email addresses! Plus, I don't think we would be able to email externally with a .local account.

I understand that once I have everything setup correctly then I'll call godaddy, cancel the email service, and have them walk me through pointing exchange server "stuff" like mx records in their DNS settings.

Anyway, so what can I do to keep the

Thanks very much.

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From a strictly DNS perspective

by seanferd In reply to Exchange server question?

as I don't know what esoteric requirements Exchange might have, you need to still have someone "host" your domain name, i.e., keep it registered. Then point the NS records (your MX records, A records, etc., for the domain name) to the externally accessible interface of your Exchange server. How you do that inside your network depends on your network and is mostly beyond me as far as cookbook specifics.

So, I would think you need to remove the mail hosting from GoDaddy and point Exchange back at the domain. Maybe someone could offer a better method of changing over so as to preserve service while complying with the requirements.

Edit: For clarity, note that Exchange has its own DNS settings, as does your DNS server, so I won't assume where you changed what, but I think it is worth mentioning.

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Reponse To Answer

by jfuller05 In reply to From a strictly DNS persp ...

Thanks seanferd. The only thing I'm confused on is the mx and a records. Inside the exchange server "box," do I create an mx record and a record with our hosted domain information or AD domain information? Also, do I need to create an mx and an a record in our public dns server with GoDaddy? Note: I think I'm making this much more difficult than it truly is.

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