Exchange server, RAID 1 or RAID 5??

By douglasemc ·
which one you recommend, iknow raid 1 is good for writing, and raid 5 sucks at it, but
raid 5 is better for reading, which raid 1 is not so good at...

but exchange server is read and write... any suggestions?

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Not mirrored

by CG IT In reply to Exchange server, RAID 1 o ...

Mirrored affects performance because data is being written to 2 drives.

If your sending out lots of emails, stick with performance plus security.

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My advice

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Exchange server, RAID 1 o ...

I don't know what kind of load your exchange server is going to experience or what your environment is like, but in an ideal situation I would recommend the following outline.

First, keep OS, transaction logs and Exchange database files on different arrays. This will greatly improve performance

For the OS I'd recommend RAID 1
For the Transaction logs I'd use RAID 1 as well, with a different set of disks.
For the Database files I'd use a separate RAID 1+0

Of course, this is the ideal situation and may not be available to you. You might want to check out Microsoft's storage guidelines for Exchange available at

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here's the scenario

by douglasemc In reply to My advice

not more than 150 users, but, we do have a lot of pdf's going back and forth, a lot of files and random messages, in a scale of 1 to 10, we might be looking to a 6,

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Well then only consider the RAID 5

by OH Smeg In reply to here's the scenario

RAID 1 will be way too slow and the system will lag badly.


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