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Exchange Server - Shared Email Accounts

By michael.langford ·
Our company has recently invested in a Microsoft Small Business Server, we are moving all our email accounts to exchange server.

We run a high profile website in Japan and we have a few email accounts such as that are downloaded by multiple staff, rather than have all staff download the same emails is it possible to have all emails forwarded to a public inbox where emails processed can be marked and ignored by other staff?

We do not want to forward the emails to user's personal inboxes, this seems to be the common solution for this type of email.

This might sound like a basic questions but we have trolled the internet for best practices in handling group emails with exchange but have not come across an answer.

Thanks in advance


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Mail enabled Public Folder

by Churdoo In reply to Exchange Server - Shared ...

This sounds like a job for a Public Folder.

You can create a Public Folder with the info@ email addy, and assign the appropriate users permissions to the folder. This folder will appear in the Public Folders section of everyone's Outlook. Further, if you go into the Folder's properties, and UNCHECK the option "Maintain per-user read and unread information" I believe this will give you the functionality that you're looking for. And/Or you can create a "PROCESSED" folder under the subject public folder, and as one user picks up an email to process it, he/she moves it into the PROCESSED folder.

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Outlook rules on public folders

by michael.langford In reply to Mail enabled Public Folde ...

Thanks for your reply, we have set the public email system, I have a couple of problems with it though.

1. The folder is not marked as bold when a new email arrives in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003.
2. Rules created for these folders don't run automatically when emails arrive.

Does anyone have any ideas why rules do not work and if there is a way to mark the public folder as bold when an email arrives?



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by Churdoo In reply to Outlook rules on public f ...

I don't recall if the folder highlights with new mail, but if you're telling me it doesn't, then so be it. Clicking the box in the folder properties "maintain per-user read and unread ..." may gain that functionality, but will keep separate detail for each user, which may not be what you want. You'll have to try both ways.

Regarding the rules, I've had some pretty extensive rulesets run on folders, so there's some other reason why it's not working for you. Investigate that further and/or post back more info.

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