Exchange Server upgrade from 5.5 to 2K on a Win2K DC

By resorts13 ·
I recently tried to upgrade my Exchange server from 5.5 to 2K (to be able to use my OL 2007).

In the process it failed and suggested I make changes to my AD. I made dozens of recommended changes and believe I've turned the AD on my server to mush.

Is there anyway to RE-Install my AD from scratch without losing info (particularly Exchange data). I don't care if I have to keep the DC name or change it. ANYTHING to make AD accept my Exch 2K. I'd even be willing to wipe out AD and re-install it from scratch (if possible). I'm desperate.


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Not nearly enough information

by Churdoo In reply to Exchange Server upgrade f ...

Is EX5.5 gone from the Exchange organization? Where is your mailbox and public folder data, in EX2K or EX5.5? In other words, can you go back to EX5.5 and repeat the migration or was this an in-place upgrade? It's been awhile, I don't remember if there was an in-place upgrade option for EX5.5->EX2K, was there? I had always done this by server-server migrations.

I don't believe there's any way to wipe out AD, re-install, then link peeps mailbox data back from a restored backup or other means, EX2K simply didn't have the tools for that.

"changes to AD" sounds kinda weird. Maybe a local AD/Exchange consultant can fix things without having to go to the extreme of considering re-install of AD and trying to match up the mailbox data to a re-installed AD.

I guess one thing I can think of along the lines of re-install if things really are that messed up, is if you can EXMERGE all of the mailbox data from the infostore, export all of your Public Folders, do a clean install of both AD and Exchange 2K, and re-import everything back in. Obviously the feasibility of this depends on how many mailboxes and public folders in your exchange organization.

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