Exchange SMTP Queues Growth Period

By itjaws ·
I have an Exchange 2003 Server where the "SMTP Queues Growth Period" in the "Tools - ...Monitoring... - "Satuts" keeps growing after startup to 2000+ minutes. Emails are not sent anymore. Maybe only after a startup while the queue still didn't grow.
Note that there are no stuck e-mails in the "Queues", and when the server starts up, e-mils are sent. Only later, I don't know after what SMTP queue minutes limit, e-mails are not sent out anymore. And it's probably not virus issue sending mass mails.

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Problems with startup of Exchange Server/DC/DNS server

by douglasr In reply to Exchange SMTP Queues Grow ...

I have experienced problems with startup of my domain controller/primary DNS server. The two network services will not start concurrently as they are dependent on one another. It has taken over an hour in some cases for them to work it out. I must always have a secondary DNS server online for proper startup of the domain controller. Since Exchange is dependent on the AD, and SMTP is dependent on the DNS, our Exchange server may be waiting on them while the SMTP queue builds up. It could wait a very long time for the primary DNS and Active Directory to get their acts together when they are all hosted on the same machine.

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Re: Problems with startup of Exchange Server/DC/DNS server

by itjaws In reply to Problems with startup of ...

Thanks. Will check it. But the configuration was running fine for 3 years before this suddenly started happening. I don't remember if the queue was groing back then, but at least e-mails were always sent directly. Now received but not sent.

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