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Exchange/SQL backup and system state

By michael.paprio ·

I am looking at some online service providers of data backup and was looking to see how I can keep my cost down. I have 2 servers; one with Exchange and one with SQL. I want to backup Exchange and i am wondering if I backup:

1. System State
2. Information Store

That will be enough to bring the Exchange info store up and running. I am willing to reload the OS and the service packs and whatever other prog. files I have on that server from scratch and then pull down the information store and then the system state. I just don't think I need the entire c offsite because that will be redundant information if I have all my install disks. I can just reload exchange instead of downloading it from the offsite location. I am looking at the same scenario for SQL:

1. System State
2. Master/Model/MSDB/Custom DB's

Anyone have any thoughts, comments?

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Better get investigating......

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Exchange/SQL backup and s ...

"I can just reload exchange" - right then!!!

OK but what about your configuration, mail data and active directory structure?????

Exchange needs a Domain Controller and working Active Directory to function.

SQL - depends on your situation. Daily .BAK files may be all you need.

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I know exchange takes a while to reload...

by michael.paprio In reply to Better get investigating. ...

wouldn't the configuration and mail data be within my information store and the AD structure within the System State?

I'd rather not worry about the daily .bak files, and worry more with the integrated backup with the online backup provider, thanks though.

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Online Backup

by apatel In reply to Exchange/SQL backup and s ... offers this server including drive mapping, not sure if u are still looking

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