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Exchange User not getting external email

By jonhunt2 ·
Hello all:

I have an Exchange server (2003 Small Business w/Outlook 2003 clients) where one user does not receive email from external domains. He does receive email from inside the company domain. All other users can receive email from external and internal domains. I've examined the Receive from Authenticated Users in Users and Computers and the box is not checked. This just started a few days ago. Before that, his account seemed to work fine. All size limits are set to default policy and he has few messages and space utilization than some other users who are working fine. Can you think of anything I have missed? Oh yes - there are no error messages. No NDR messages are sent back to the external originator and no messages in the event log. It looks like the message went through - only it never shows up...

Thanks for any help you can give,

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Exchange User not getting ...

You could check the Bad mail folder as well in c:\program files\exchsrvr\MailRoot\Vs 1\BadMail

Also you can try Message Tracker facility in Exchange Manager to see how messages are sent.
Also use Diagnostic Logging as well for more information.

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by jguasch In reply to Exchange User not getting ...

Yup, check message tracking

also, check the e-mail addresses for him and delete the original email address adn click apply, then recreate the emaila ddress once again and click apply.

Check also if he has any rules running that might be dumping the email else where.

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by sksuchla In reply to Exchange User not getting ...

IN our environment we have automated account creation because we are educational and do not want to create hundreds of emails daily. We have noticed from time to time the SMTP information in active directory sometimes does not update correctly, we see differences through either ADSI edit or sometimes just generally in the ADUC MSC. When this occurs the user can not login with OWA either, not sure how your traffic is set to travel!

The other instance we have seen of something similar occured when the users mailbox had accidentall been created on two different stores. Again not sure if you have more than one.

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Restart "MS Exchange routing engine"

by wahmed In reply to Exchange User not getting ...


Ever since we moved our exchange to a virtual environment (VMware ESXi). I started facing similar problems on just random days.

Try restarting "MS Exchange routing engine" services, as well as "MS Exchange information store" service on your exchange server. It helped me, external mails started pouring through.



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